Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY

I recently met up with a friend in Rochester, NY and we took a trip to the Seneca Park Zoo.  I busted out the camera and took a few shots. Here are some of the results:


Polar Bear chilling in the pool. (I’m especially happy with this one since it’s through glass). Look at how big his paw is!


Sunbathing Sea Lion 

   Image        Image

Pretty Flowers


Snowy Owl


Sleeping Lions (also through glass).

Thanks for looking! Cheers!


Day 6

Tráthnóna maith agat!

Alas, I don’t have a new picture for you today. None of my ideas after work panned out, and now my need to eat dinner is overriding my desire to get a new picture up. Sorry.  I have decided instead to share one of my older pictures, it’s really the first picture I ever took that made me think, “Hey, this might be something I could get into.”  I was between Sophomore year and Junior year in High School at the time, and I was on a family vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  We were visiting the Elizabethan Gardens and it was a beautiful sunny day.  I snapped dozens of pictures of beautiful flowers, but this little guy stands out to me. I still like the picture, and would love to recapture it with my current camera to keep the quality up to date :).  Here’s the picture:


Anyway. I hope the little bit of background makes up for it not being a new picture, plus I still like it :).  Thanks for looking! Any suggestions? Salute! (Italian for cheers).