Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY

I recently met up with a friend in Rochester, NY and we took a trip to the Seneca Park Zoo.  I busted out the camera and took a few shots. Here are some of the results:


Polar Bear chilling in the pool. (I’m especially happy with this one since it’s through glass). Look at how big his paw is!


Sunbathing Sea Lion 

   Image        Image

Pretty Flowers


Snowy Owl


Sleeping Lions (also through glass).

Thanks for looking! Cheers!


Day 13


So, despite the fact that 13 is supposed to be unlucky I will post today :).  That motivation I was hoping for yesterday never showed up.  It didn’t help that I didn’t get to eat lunch at work (always makes me cranky) and now I’m just tired and out of time.  So, I’m going to post about something I miss.  Currently I miss Michigan State University (MSU).  It’s a little early yet, but it’s a very pretty campus, especially in the spring and fall.  In the spring they have tulips all over the place that add some seriously fantastic color.  While I do miss the beautiful campus, I mostly miss my friends there.  It’s been about 3 months since I saw anyone from back home and I miss them all a lot.  Here’s a little slice of “home” (this all being said, I have no idea how MSU is doing in basketball, absolutely none):


I’m a big fan of the colors in this picture :).  Thanks for looking! Kanpai! (Japanese = dry the glass).