Playing with a Light Box

So, I made a light box and decided to play with it a bit.  Here are my favorite results.  I still need to get the right lights for it. I used 2 LED headlamps set on top of the box and the flash from my camera.  Here are a few:


Orange Moose from Ikea




Jameson and Claddagh Ring (B/W)


Jameson and Claddagh Ring (Color) Which do you like better?


Cat Statue

Thanks for looking!


Day 31

Ahoy! (Nautical)

Well, today and tomorrow my parents are visiting, which is lots of fun, I wish they could stay longer but for some reason people seem to think I’m a grown up now and need to do things like work, sigh… Today we went down to Weston, VT (same place I went last weekend). I figured they would get a kick out of the Vermont Country Store and the Weston General Store. They seemed to have fun, despite the decent number of people around and all the noise making toys. We were leaving when I saw a sign for a National Forest Road. We drove up it and found a super pretty lake. I got this picture there:


I’m pretty pleased with it overall. I have no idea what we are doing tomorrow, hopefully something that will get me some pictures 🙂

Thanks for looking! Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo! (“Health and money and time to enjoy it” in Bolivia).

Day 28

Salud! (Breton)

Today went well. I went for a bit of a drive after work and I got this picture:


I was driving along and saw this and stopped and took it out of my sunroof.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring some more photo ops 🙂

Thanks for looking! Živjeli (Croatian) 

Day 18

Wes hāl! (Old English)

Well, today was my weekend, and I think I did a pretty good job of making the most of it.  I read for a bit this morning and then I went for a hike on a “mountain” nearby.  I made it up to the top where I happened across this handsome lad:


I would really like to get a dog, but it’s just not practical just yet, and honestly my cat is a bit of a handful 🙂

Back to work tomorrow, I got my grocery shopping done and I went to the library.  Next weekend is a 3 day weekend, so I will have to think of something fun to do in between cleaning in preparation for my parents’ visit 😀

Thanks for looking! Kassutta (In Greenlandic it means “Let our glasses meet” aka cheers).

Day 17

Salute! (Corsican)

So, today I actually got myself moving far enough ahead of work that I was able to get out and take some pictures.  I decided to visit a covered bridge not to far away.  This is my favorite of the day:


I figure once there is some greenery along the river I will take some pictures of the outside of it, but for now this will do quite nicely.  The temperature is starting to drop again, while I have no objections to this time of year’s normal temperatures, I will not be happy if it snows again. My parents are coming to visit for Easter, so I figure that pretty much guarantees it will. I’m off work tomorrow, so maybe I’ll go for a hike/walk and snap a few pictures.

Thanks for looking! Gëzuar! (Albanian)

~168 Hours Later

Good Evening!

I just realized I hadn’t used an English greeting yet.  Well, this is the 7th day.  This morning before work I headed out and took some pictures inside a covered bridge (it was raining).  While I rather like one, I like a picture I got after work better.  Work still has it’s Christmas lights out (yay!), and the were on today and it wasn’t raining so I decided to stop and snap a few pictures.  I rather like this one, and it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten Bokeh in one of my pictures.  Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed I have a thing for black and white pictures.  Hopefully as the Green Mountain State changes back from the Brown Mountain State I will start having pictures with a color other than brown (I don’t really like brown, or green for that matter, but not everything can be blue).  Here’s today’s picture:


I hope you enjoyed a little hint of Christmas in March. I personally love Christmas lights and would use them all year if I could just get motivated enough to put some up.  Hmm, maybe that’s what I’ll do instead of replacing my floor lamp that died… My middle sister is twitching right now, and has no idea why :).

Thanks for looking! Skål!

Day 6

Tráthnóna maith agat!

Alas, I don’t have a new picture for you today. None of my ideas after work panned out, and now my need to eat dinner is overriding my desire to get a new picture up. Sorry.  I have decided instead to share one of my older pictures, it’s really the first picture I ever took that made me think, “Hey, this might be something I could get into.”  I was between Sophomore year and Junior year in High School at the time, and I was on a family vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  We were visiting the Elizabethan Gardens and it was a beautiful sunny day.  I snapped dozens of pictures of beautiful flowers, but this little guy stands out to me. I still like the picture, and would love to recapture it with my current camera to keep the quality up to date :).  Here’s the picture:


Anyway. I hope the little bit of background makes up for it not being a new picture, plus I still like it :).  Thanks for looking! Any suggestions? Salute! (Italian for cheers).