So, yeah. It’s been awhile… Well, I flew home this weekend to meet my niece! She’s super cute :). But as I was flying in we flew over the ocean for a bit and the water and sky were both super flue so I had to snap a picture. I thought the wing helped add some perceptive. Thanks for looking! Cheers!



So, I’m really kind of sucking at this whole posting pictures thing, I want to blame it on the fact that I haven’t been to much interesting stuff, but that’s not the point of this, so I’m sorry, and I will try and do better. As in at least 1 or 2 posts a week :). To try and make up for some of my splendid slacking here are several pictures from the last few weeks:


Cookies from my sister’s baby shower.  I’m waiting on permission from family members before I put up other pictures (ones with people in them). These were super delicious cookies and I think I ate 3 of them at the shower and several later 🙂


This past weekend was a “town’s day” near where I live. It’s the anniversary of when it was founded I believe, and in order to celebrate they have an annual raft race.  There was a bit of a pile up on the river, I think there might be a dead tree they were catching on, but that might be further up the river.


Then after the raft race there was a community wide party, and some of the people from the town played music and sang and people hung out around a bonfire and drank beer. It was fun in a kind of bizarre way. Mostly because I cannot imagine such an event happening where I grew up, at least not for free.  Well, this little guy was quite tuckered out, and I couldn’t resist snapping a shot, I actually had to crop it down quite a bit just to get the puppy.

Well, I needed to go to bed like a half hour ago… So, night!

Thanks for looking! Peace out girl scout!

Moving Sidewalk



Well, this isn’t a new picture today, but I did take it yesterday. It’s an underground moving sidewalk that connects 3 terminals. I actually rather hate walking through it, but I liked all the blue :). Plus with a picture you can’t hear the stupid music/nature sound effects they play. It kind of reminds me of something from Disney, but not as well done. Part of that could come from the fact that Disney puts me in a good mood, whereas Airports usually make me cranky :). Well, I’m tired again, so g’night.

Thanks for looking! Adios.

Lake Erie


Well, today I went back to Vermont. All in all it was about 12 hours from when my dad and I left their house in Michigan until I got to my apartment in Vermont. Manchester had bad weather which caused a delay and then we took off and were diverted to Albany. The flight from Albany to Manchester was sweet. It took like 25 minutes and I slept the whole time. I took this picture out of my window while we were flying over what I think is Lake Erie. I also think, but I’m not positive, that the really blue stuff is an algal bloom. I could be way off. I’m hoping one of my environmental bio friends will correct me if I’m wrong :). I’m off to sleep. Night night!

Thanks for looking! Sleep tight!

Trip Home


So, this weekend was my sister’s baby shower. My parents were nice enough to fly me home as a surprise for both of my sisters. It was a very fun trip and I got to eat a lot of the foods I miss while in VT. I’ll probably post some pictures tomorrow from the shower, I didn’t bring my laptop home sink can’t upload photos yet. I took this one on Friday. It’s at the airport. There is something to be said for having landed in Michigan before 7:30 AM :).

Thanks for looking! Peace out girl scout!

Trying to get back on track.


Hello! Well, two days in a row and I actually took today’s picture today, that’s more like it :). I took this at the grocery store this morning. They were selling lots of pretty potted flowers and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m pretty sure Jori would view them as a snack I might have picked some up. I took it with my phone and then added the X-Pro II effect in Instagram.

Thanks for looking! In awhile crocodile!


So, I’ve been slacking off on this, and for that I apologize. I don’t really have an excuse except laziness. I took this picture while my parents were visiting, but at least I’m getting a picture up before I fall asleep on the couch:


This is at the VT Country Store.  My Great-Aunt Peg used to wear this perfume, and when I was at the store I got confused as to why I smelled my Aunt and Uncle’s house. When I found this perfume within 10 feet of where I was standing it all made sense 🙂 

Well, I’m tired. Thanks for looking! See ya later alligator!