Playing with a Light Box

So, I made a light box and decided to play with it a bit.  Here are my favorite results.  I still need to get the right lights for it. I used 2 LED headlamps set on top of the box and the flash from my camera.  Here are a few:


Orange Moose from Ikea




Jameson and Claddagh Ring (B/W)


Jameson and Claddagh Ring (Color) Which do you like better?


Cat Statue

Thanks for looking!

Sunny Sunday

Well, today didn’t go as I had originally planned, but it was a lovely day nonetheless. Sadly, I didn’t get to see my Dad today, but I will be visiting him within a week.  I went for a hike with a coworker and then she invited me to a BBQ at the park we were hiking at. While there the sun started getting closer to the mountains, and started washing out the ski trails. This is the only picture I got today that I like. I debated on Sepia vs. normal colors, and you can see what I picked 🙂  Thanks for looking! Happy Father’s Day!


Community Garden

Today I went with a coworker for ice cream after work and we wound up at a community garden with a friend of hers. While they did gardening type stuff I wandered around and took some pictures with my phone :). Thanks for looking!20120614-193917.jpg






So, yeah. It’s been awhile… Well, I flew home this weekend to meet my niece! She’s super cute :). But as I was flying in we flew over the ocean for a bit and the water and sky were both super flue so I had to snap a picture. I thought the wing helped add some perceptive. Thanks for looking! Cheers!