So, I’m really kind of sucking at this whole posting pictures thing, I want to blame it on the fact that I haven’t been to much interesting stuff, but that’s not the point of this, so I’m sorry, and I will try and do better. As in at least 1 or 2 posts a week :). To try and make up for some of my splendid slacking here are several pictures from the last few weeks:


Cookies from my sister’s baby shower.  I’m waiting on permission from family members before I put up other pictures (ones with people in them). These were super delicious cookies and I think I ate 3 of them at the shower and several later 🙂


This past weekend was a “town’s day” near where I live. It’s the anniversary of when it was founded I believe, and in order to celebrate they have an annual raft race.  There was a bit of a pile up on the river, I think there might be a dead tree they were catching on, but that might be further up the river.


Then after the raft race there was a community wide party, and some of the people from the town played music and sang and people hung out around a bonfire and drank beer. It was fun in a kind of bizarre way. Mostly because I cannot imagine such an event happening where I grew up, at least not for free.  Well, this little guy was quite tuckered out, and I couldn’t resist snapping a shot, I actually had to crop it down quite a bit just to get the puppy.

Well, I needed to go to bed like a half hour ago… So, night!

Thanks for looking! Peace out girl scout!