The 25th Day

ᎣᏏᏲ (Cherokee)

Well, today wasn’t to exciting. I went grocery shopping and stared making a tiny dent in the cleaning I need to do before my parents get here on Friday. Cleanings on the agenda for tomorrow as well. Hopefully with better results :).  I was trying to get a picture of a caterpillar today when I got this picture by accident:


It’s just some leaves by my front door that are left overs from the fall. I liked the texture in this shot. I can almost hear them crunching just looking at them.  Also, there was a little bit of a fog on the lens from going from inside to outside in the cold, and it added to the soft focus around the edges quite nicely I thought.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings in terms of pictures. I’m really looking forward to some green leaves and flowers soon, I’m really sick of stick season 🙂

Thanks for looking! Biba! (Chamorro (Guam))

Day 24

Ola! (Aragonese)

I had today off work (hooray!), so I decided to go on a bit of an adventure. I went to Weston, VT to visit The Vermont Country Store.  I think the best word to describe this town is charming. It pretty much had everything I expect from a Vermont town. A library, a white church (this one had several), a theater/playhouse, a town store, and a graveyard.  The difference between Weston, and a lot of other town in Vermont is that everything was well maintained and very attractive.  I rather like this picture from today:


This is in the Vermont Country Store. My sister thought all the Maple Syrup was very Vermonty.  If you would like to see my other pictures from today you can here.  Let me know what you think!

Thanks for looking! Salut! (Catalan)

Day 23 (I think…)

Агов! (Ukranian)

Well, I got out of work early and went looking for something to take a picture of, and sadly the light wasn’t very good.  I like this picture:


but not because it’s not a terribly good picture, but I have 2 older sisters, so the 3 sisters thing was kind of fun. If I saw a wine or something that was called this I would have to buy it :). So, a slightly sentimental day, hopefully tomorrow will be a better quality photo.  

Thanks for looking! A la votre! (French)

Day 22

Ahoj! (Czech)

Well, I had to be into work 4 hours earlier than normal. Granted it was 10 AM instead of 2 PM, but it really made a difference when I had to be AT work, when I normally wake up.  So, this picture pretty much sums up my mood for today (though I took it in October):


And I have a headache, so I think it might be bed time. I will try and have a nice picture for tomorrow 🙂

Thanks for looking! На здравје! (Macedonian)

21 Days Later

Haai! (Afrikaans)

Well, today I finally got myself out of the house and took a few pictures.  A few days ago I noticed that there are some little flowers starting to pop up near the road. Today I did a little detour to stop and take some pictures there before work.  This one is my favorite of the day. I will admit that I did tweak it a bit on the computer to help bring out the colors and soften the edges. It’s such a handy little trick I can’t resist sometimes 🙂 Image

Well, here’s some proof that it is still spring despite that fact that it’s gone from 30 up to 80 and back to 30 again. I’m trying to plan my weekend in hopes that I will do something fun and get some nice pictures 🙂

Thanks for looking!  Gesondheid! (Afrikaans)

Day 20.

Вітаю! (Belarusian)

Well, I’m a little late, and the picture wasn’t taken today. Sigh… It’s another new picture from Saturday.  It’s gotten quite cold here in the last few days.  It was around 30 degrees I think, which is quite the change from the 80 it was last week.  I just hope we don’t get more snow. My road is finally not jus mud. I had to turn my heat back on, I feel kind of bad that I forgot to do it before work. It was a chilly day at home for Jorito. Any way, here’s the picture:


I mostly like the old vs. new growth. Again, hopefully I will do better today and get out and take some pictures.  Next week I have a better work schedule, so going out AFTER work will be an option, which I think is more likely to happen because I wil already be up and moving 🙂

Thanks for looking! Aung myin par say! (Burmese)

Day 19

Здравей! (Bulgarian) 

Well, I just looked at the clock and saw it’s almost midnight, whoopsie daisy… Hehe, I always picture Hugh Gran from Notting Hill saying “whoopsie daisy”, it makes it even more fun to say.  Well, I was successfully distracted by my book and work today and I didn’t get out and take a new picture.  However, here is another critter I encountered on my hike yesterday:


I happened across this cheeky fellow, and he was far enough away he didn’t scamper off when I got my camera out of my bag.  The trail was steepish and rocky, so I was hesitant about hiking with my camera out. I always have visions of pitching forward and either hurting myself while trying to protect my camera or failing to do that and breaking my camera.  I’m not all together sure which of those I’m more worried about… 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow will be nice and I will get out and snap a few pictures. I think flowers are starting to come up, so that should offer some nice shots.

Thanks for looking! živeli! (Serbian)

Day 18

Wes hāl! (Old English)

Well, today was my weekend, and I think I did a pretty good job of making the most of it.  I read for a bit this morning and then I went for a hike on a “mountain” nearby.  I made it up to the top where I happened across this handsome lad:


I would really like to get a dog, but it’s just not practical just yet, and honestly my cat is a bit of a handful 🙂

Back to work tomorrow, I got my grocery shopping done and I went to the library.  Next weekend is a 3 day weekend, so I will have to think of something fun to do in between cleaning in preparation for my parents’ visit 😀

Thanks for looking! Kassutta (In Greenlandic it means “Let our glasses meet” aka cheers).

Day 17

Salute! (Corsican)

So, today I actually got myself moving far enough ahead of work that I was able to get out and take some pictures.  I decided to visit a covered bridge not to far away.  This is my favorite of the day:


I figure once there is some greenery along the river I will take some pictures of the outside of it, but for now this will do quite nicely.  The temperature is starting to drop again, while I have no objections to this time of year’s normal temperatures, I will not be happy if it snows again. My parents are coming to visit for Easter, so I figure that pretty much guarantees it will. I’m off work tomorrow, so maybe I’ll go for a hike/walk and snap a few pictures.

Thanks for looking! Gëzuar! (Albanian)

Day 16

Kaixo! (Basque)

Today went rather well. Nothing exciting happened, I was lazy and didn’t get a new picture, but I took this one yesterday in Saratoga as well, so this is the first time anyone but me has seen it 🙂


Proof that it is still Spring, despite the fact that it feels like August and looks like late October outside (Stick Season!). There’s also talk of snow next Friday… Bizarre weather.  Any way. I will try and get out and take a picture tomorrow 🙂


Thanks for looking! Topa! (Again, Basque)